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Raised Floors New Zealand aims to be a market leader in raised access and computer floors in New Zealand through the product we‭ ‬can supply along with the knowledge and experience of our dedicated installers‭.‬ Our team aim to lift the standard of raised flooring projects here in‭ ‬New Zealand‭. ‬Whether it’s a small server room or large Data Centres or even a multi-story Commercial building access floor‭, ‬Raised Floors has‭ ‬the product and installation crews to suit‭, ‬we even have outdoor systems‭ ‬for when they’re required‭.‬

Raised Floors New Zealand provides an advanced raised access floor system, providing versatility enabling you to easily install and maintain all your communication, electrical and mechanical services. In any configuration, the system remains flexible; instantly adapting to the ever changing technologies and building layouts.

Awesome Designs

Our expert staff will take you through a wide selection of raised floors and cable ducting solutions.

Customized Solutions

We customize the solutions according to your requirement.

Efficient Solutions

Efficient and working designs solutions to cater for your business.

Attention to Details

Our technicians have great attention to fine details.



Quick turnaround for faster project finish.


Friendly Staff

We welcome all the queries with big smile.


Raised Floors New Zealand has a complete and comprehensive product range of flooring and accessories, encompassing both cementitious and fibre core tiles with various finishes.


“I have known Joe for a number of years in my role as Data Centre Manager for ASB.
Joe has always been professional, responsive and easy to work with and that is why he has worked with ASB for such a long period of time. I value those who can truly add value to my business.

What I have appreciated most is Joe’s ability to listen to his customer’s needs, to collaborate and provide solutions that best suit our needs. He has never been afraid to provide his expert opinions and work with me to come up with the right solution for ASB.”

Brian Rear
Technology | ASB