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Whether it’s a small server room or large Data Centres or even a multi-story Commercial building access floor, Raised Floors has the product and installation crews to suit, we even have outdoor systems for when they are required.


Raised Floors


Our experience covers not only commercial and computer room floors but also the installation of cable tray and cable ducting with in the data centre environment.

Raised Floors NZ have been involved in critical environment works for over 25 years. With the years of experience we provide, you can feel confident, with the package Raised Floors NZ supplies this includes the supply and installation of anti-static floor panels, pedestals and stringers, access ramps, steps, cable tray, ladder rack, fibre duct, Racks and seismic restraints. Whatever the need we can get it organized.


Raised Floors

We manufacture and customize build design containment to suit your project and saves you money and return investment.

All our supply demand containments are from flat roof, curved roof, PVC Curtain etc.

The whole idea of cooling systems in a Data Centre is to keep the Servers and ancillary rack mounted equipment cool. In a typical Data Centre, only 30% of the conditioned air gets to where it’s needed, the racks. The other 70% is getting mixed with the heated exhaust air from the racks and servers. This means that a typical Data Centre could use 2.5 times more cooling than necessary and still have hot spots.

10 to 15 years ago, most data centers had an average of 1 kilowatt (kW) per rack or cabinet. In today’s world rack densities can be up to 20 kW, and most expect this number to continue to increase.

Using containment to aid in Data Center Airflow Management can cut energy costs because if the hot and cold air cannot mix, the air conditioners don’t have to work as hard to get cool air to the front of servers. That can mean the ability to raise the temperature in the room and ramp down air handlers with variable speed drive fans, this then gives the possibility of introducing free cooling systems to save even more power.

The separation of the hot and cold air results in increased return air temperature back to the air conditioning unit. This improves the overall cooling capacity and provides colder air to the racks.

This difference increases cooling capacity by up to 40%.

Did you know that every degree raised in the air conditioners set point = 4% savings in cooling costs? Data center containment solutions allow you to increase your set point by 4°C – 5°C.

Commercial building

Raised Floors

Commercial Fit-out Access Flooring

Raised Floors NZ have relationships with various overseas manufacturing companies for the procurement of the entire package that’s required for a commercial access floor, this includes the floor outlets for power and data, air diffusers for the air con, cable trays, pedestals and stringers, even the carpet tiles and vinyl or rubber tiles.
As we know that each project is unique and requires a level of structural and technical knowledge that only years of practical experience can bring, our installation teams will deliver a top quality floor on time with a minimum of fuss.
Raised floors NZ can take the hassle out of any installation, from procurement, installation, seismic design, producer statements, even the finished floor covering, we’ve got you covered.


Raised Floors

Critical Environment Flooring and Fixtures

We have experience in not only the installation and maintenance of access floor panels but through our association with other equipment suppliers Raised Floors NZ can supply and install cable ways and duct under the floor as well as above this included fibre duct.

We also supply and install equipment racks complete with seismic bracing when required and have associations with HVAC companies where we can position and fix in place their units, whether ‘in row’ or ‘perimeter units’ without any damage to the flooring.


Raised flooring systems have an average lifespan of twenty years (as stated by manufacturers), but do require ongoing maintenance in order to avoid the weakening of the tiles and sub-structure which could lead to a devastating partial or full floor collapse.
With each passing year the access floors weight-bearing capacity decreases as pedestals and stringers deteriorate. In addition, floor panels may delaminate, gaps may appear, or floor panel edges end up at different levels resulting in trip hazards.

Raised Floors New Zealand have over 25 years installing, strengthening, levelling, and replacing raised access flooring and offer a full-range of flooring services to ensure you never have to worry about your flooring system again.

We suggest that every raised floor be inspected yearly by a qualified Raised Flooring maintenance company to report on any flooring panels and sub-structure problems then providing repair alternatives and solutions.

We have the experienced personnel that are happy to provide this service and then once a solution has been decided upon then no matter what the brand of Access floor we have access to the parts needed to correct structural problems and maintain to manufactures specifications.

To gain the maximum life from your floor here are a few tips

  • Rotate panels at least twice a year between high and low traffic areas.
  • Replace damaged, warped, wearing, and de-laminating panels immediately.
  • Replace any damaged or wearing components as needed, such as pedestals, stringers and gaskets and panel edge trim.


Awesome Designs

We offer a wide variety of Raised Access Floors for you to choose from.

Modern & Clean

Our Raised Access Floors and Ducting Solutions are modern and clean to fit your contemporary interior designs.

Dedicated Support

As our customers, you will get dedicated and expert support for all the projects.


“I have known Joe for a number of years in my role as Data Centre Manager for ASB.
Joe has always been professional, responsive and easy to work with and that is why he has worked with ASB for such a long period of time. I value those who can truly add value to my business.

What I have appreciated most is Joe’s ability to listen to his customer’s needs, to collaborate and provide solutions that best suit our needs. He has never been afraid to provide his expert opinions and work with me to come up with the right solution for ASB.”

Brian Rear
Technology | ASB